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Your kids need you in the photos

Photos are a precious keepsake for our children too.

As single parents, the number of photos we can take in this digital world is fantastic. We document hundreds of moments daily, and most of them of our children. Every day they grow bigger and change, and every day that passes is a day we'll never get back.

But are you in those photos, momma? I remember when I realized how absent I was from our pictures. Like, completely absent. I have thousands of pictures of my son, but those are (mostly) for me if I'm honest. Where were the photos for him?

In that moment, the guilt I felt was overwhelming, almost crippling. I had stolen so many photo memories from my child. Why? Well, yes, it's true that there wasn't a partner there to capture some of those precious moments, but that's not the entire reason. The fault was mine. It was because I thought I wasn't "put together." My hair was a mess. It was a bad angle. I looked tired. Old. Not well. That self-talk is what I let keep me out of those photos.

Photos are precious. They allow us to relive memories together and share those memories with other people. And they're especially priceless when that's all we have left after we lose someone.

So, get in the photos. Do it for them. They don't care if your hair is a mess; they just care that you're with them.

A few tips to help get you started:

1. Selfies. Yes, the dreaded selfie-angle. When it's just the kids and us, we don't have any other options. Out in public? Yes, it feels awkward at first but do it. Trust me, it becomes way less awkward the more you do it, and the kids have fun taking turns being the "selfie photographer." It's fun to see how proud they are of the photos they took. You can even check out a selfie stick and see how that works.

2. Fake the angle! Yes, that's right. While you're snuggling up with the kids hold your arm out and look away from the camera. snap a photo, and it looks like someone else took it.

3. Timers! Your camera and your phone have timers. Learn how to set them.

4. Family, friends, and neighbours. When other people are around, ask them to snap a few photos. And not just on holidays or big family events.

These are the photos you'll have to relive so many memories. And you'll never again feel guilty about being absent from those precious keepsakes.

Much love



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