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Communication problems with your ex

Communication issues and co-parenting go hand in hand most times. So, what can you do about it?

Photo courtesy of Alex Green from Pexels

Quick disclaimer - I am not affiliated with any organizations or sites I link to in my blog. I provide linked information here because they're resources I have found helpful. I do not make money, in any form, if you click on the links or purchase any services or subscriptions.

Co-parenting with someone you've separated from is hard. With so many emotions, every text message, phone call, and email can be filled with miscommunication and tension.

So, what's the best way to get through this? After all, you have to communicate - you are raising children together.

Try exploring something like Our Family Wizard.

It's a web-based application that replaces email and text communications. It was recommended to me after my separation and can even be helpful in high-conflict situations.

“ that families turn to when conflict gets in the way of their co-parenting.”

It has everything you need to manage co-parenting including:

  • a calendar to keep track of activities, events, and parenting schedules,

  • A message board with features that don't allow those messages to be edited, deleted, or retracted.

  • A journal to record observations or document last-minute schedule changes.

  • Check-ins to verify your presence at exchanges and other locations.

  • An expense log to manage expenses.

  • A section to keep copies of important family information, like medications, immunizations, etc.

The list goes on. Check it out.

Wishing you calm and peace of mind in all your future communications.

Anything that can help you turn your focus back to what's really important is well worth it.

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